Welcome, everybody! It’s with great pleasure and honour for us that we open ZINC 2020! We are delighted to have all of you on-board for the fifth anniversary of our meetings in Novi Sad. We hope that you find ways to enjoy it despite not meeting each other in person. We hope that we can spread good vibes all around the globe, and wherever you might tune in from. We hope that the common cause and sense of belonging to our productive community can encourage you to interact and exchange, today and in times to come.

Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve been putting in, and thank you for sharing. Your talks will be uploaded on this page as they arrive. Happy conference!

Consumer algorithms and AI

Smart Homes and Internet of Things

Solutions for Consumers

Automotive solutions

Health and lifestyle

Security and Privacy

Energy and power in CE and beyond

Tools and development

CE enablers

Societal and marketing aspects